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  • radiation ring splicing assembly

    the splicing radiating ring assembly solves the problem that eddy current is present in the whole rare earth permanent magnet radiation ring, and it can not meet the technical requirements of all motor fields in large size and high performance. it is mainly used in solar generator equipment and can be widely used in the home , camping and military camps and other places.the product has a small size, simple and easy to operate ,safe and reliable, with large scope of application and so on.

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  • flat rotor assembly

    the planar rotor components are mainly used in the aerospace field, automotive transmission systems

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  • laminated steel assembly

    laminated magnet assembly has small vortex , while remain the same performance with overall magnet assembly or even superior. most of the rotor magnet in motor and electric car can use such a design, so to increase the application of insulated stitching magnet components .

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  • permanent magnet rotor assemblies for servo motors

    mainly used in the permanent magnet rotor components of servo motor with high-power (ultra-high speed), high-function (high temperature) , starting a new stage of the application and development of rare earth permanent magnet motor , demanding higher technological producing requirements of rare earth permanent magnet precision rotor that works under a high-speed, high temperature environment.

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  • high speed precision rotor assembly

    high-speed precision rotor assemblies are used in medicine for the treatment of sleep apnea.

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