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  • injection magnets

    injection of magnets mainly pa and pps and other thermoplastic resin with ferrite and ndfeb magnetic powder, the material after mixing, mixing, granulation production pellets, and the use of injection molding machine for injection molding. according to the product production process to apply the orientation of the magnetic field or not, injection magnets are divided into isotropic injection magnets and anisotropic injection magnets.

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  • press the magnet

    compression of magnets is a reference to the powder metallurgy process, the preparation of bonded magnets process. the magnetic powder and magnetic powder in the proportion of mixing, granulation and forming and curing. press the surface of the magnet generally need to protect the coating, the general use of cathodic electrophoresis, spraying and other surface treatment process.

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  • sintered ndfeb

    sintered ndfeb magnet is the most permanent magnet material in the world today, and it has become widely used in lots of fields due to its excellent permanent magnetic properties.

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  • linear motor magnet

    specifications: we can provide different specifications of linear motor assembly from less than 1 "to more than 40", the main shape of a u-shaped, flat and box-type

    main applications: semiconductor - flat printing tools industrial - motor electronic industry - pickup and placement tools

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  • magnetic components products

    we can supply rotating electrical components of different sizes from less than 1 "to greater than 12". we have a lot of experience in preventing the magnet from falling off when the motor rotates at high speed. usually we use kevlar or carbon fiber winding and stainless steel sleeve.

    main applications: automotive motors, medical (eg ventilators), energy - engines (eg wind turbines), industrial - motor

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